SYDEREP - Système déclaratif des filières REP
version 2.9.6 Français English
Signing in
You are concerned by one or several ERP sectors. The SYDEREP portal allows you to subscribe to multiple sectors and to make all your reporting with a single identifier.
Signing in must be made only once and can be done at any time of the year. Your signing in request is subject to validation by the administrators of each sector.
Summary of signing in steps:

1 - Enter the details of your company
2 - Enter the details of a designated contact
3 - Select the sector(s) for which you wish to register, fill in your category of actor and possibly your type of reporter. We invite you to click on the picto i ( 'learn more' ), located in each sector block, for the full description of these categories.
4 - Certify the conformity of the data entered
5 - Validate your signing in
6 - Download the summary of your signing in request
7 - Wait for the email confirmation of your signing in to choose a password. You can then log on to SYDEREP and make your reporting.